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in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Are you looking for the ultimate location for a retreat?

This place will take your breath away. There is no other location on earth with such an amazing history, rich culture, and extreme natural beauty.

This is the place to hear and take in life-changing messages. We plan, organize, host, and manage the most amazing retreats in the world! We provide lodging, meals, transportation, and tours.

The Sacred Valley is without question the ultimate location for a retreat.

When you visit, you will understand why. The natural wonder, culture, history, and energy of the Sacred Valley will surely change you.

We offer retreats to suit every traveler, each packed with transformation and adventure. From visiting a Quechua Village to spending a leisurely night learning how to prepare traditional Peruvian cuisine with friends and locals, we have the perfect experience in store for you! We are dedicated to creating the retreat of your dreams.

Did someone ask about Tours and Treks?

We've got them!

Most people visit only once and many leave without the full experience because they try to organize everything without professional help.

This is the reason we offer our Retreat Planning service. We help visitors get more out of their visit to Peru. We can pack more into your itinerary without it feeling like too much.

We offer a wide variety of individual tours, group tours, and tour combinations for our guests. However, if you do not see the tour or trek you want, just tell us and we can customize one for you.

What our clients say

If you are seeking to explore the culture of Sacred Valley, Peru, I would highly recommend Retreats and Tours Peru to do to partner with again any day. The planning process with Laura and Carlos not only felt professional, but also felt caring and compassionate every step of the way.

Laura was really great in supporting us with creating the logistics for the retreat in terms of the itinerary planning and also with helping with accepting payments and taking care of my retreat participants prior to the retreat. She was also very good at answering any questions that I had about the retreat, or any questions that our retreat guests had in preparation for this amazing experience.

Carlos is an amazing guide who puts his heart and soul into the work that he does, and showed us a really great time in Peru and gave us a mixture of learning about the culture of Peru, the historic sights, the food, the cuisine, the art, and is also just an all around good person. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone especially if you want to see Peru from the eyes of a local and from people who and from a company who puts people first. Thank you, Laura and Carlos!

Heather A.

"What a spectacular and unforgettable adventure! Laura and Carlos took care of every detail. We experienced so much history, food, and wonderful people. We visited Quechua villages, took breathtaking tours of ancient sites, and enjoyed delicious street food. Just tell them what kinds of experiences you are looking for and let them craft your trip. You will NOT regret it!"

Chris M.

I had never been to Peru. I booked my travel to Peru, and two weeks later I flew out.

I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t have an event planned, and I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. What I did know is that I wanted to hire a guide who could roll with me, to let things unfold and to help me create an adventure that would last a lifetime.

In the days before I left the United States for Peru, I reached out to Laura and Retreats and Tours, Peru. After the decision to go, the best thing I did was to hire them to be my guide — to help me live an adventure.

It was, without question, the best money I’ve spent for travel guidance in my lifetime.

I will come back. And when I do, I will hire Laura and Carlos once again. I can’t recommend them highly enough. There wasn’t one thing I asked to see, do, or experience that they didn’t make happen—usually with only a few hour's notice.

This is more than a review of a business. It’s a thankyou for the chance to have the trip of a lifetime.

You will not regret hiring Retreats and Tours; I will do it again.



Embark on a trust-filled journey through Quillabamba, Peru, with Lon Stroschein and his remarkable guide, Carlos, in this podcast that unfolds life's moments, explores deep connections, and celebrates the transformative power of genuine friendships.