Speaker Retreats

What do you have to offer the world? What better way to offer it than in person? No distractions. Your followers are hungry for meaningful interaction. You can see they are well fed.

Imagine interacting with an intimate group in a beautiful setting in the Sacred Valley of Peru, taking transformative excursions in energetic locations. Our Retreats are packed with transformation and adventure.

  • Retreats are one week long, Saturday to Saturday. April thru November.
  • Your local transportation, lodging, food and all group excursions are included.

While people go to a conference for the information, they come to a retreat to spend time with YOU and other like-minded people. But it isn’t a vacation, they want to learn, renew, discover, and grow. In service to that, we cap the group size at 40. We experience life-changing excursions together.

We will go to a Quechua village and spend a day with the local people, visit locations off the beaten path and known for their ancient energy, and learn about the amazing history of the area and the way it affects today’s culture. We can practice yoga at the Sacsayhuaman Archeological Site and ride horses to the temple of the moon. We will work together to see that the retreat is perfectly suited to you.

Are you ready to bring your community together?